Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This name tag is from the October 17, 2011 Grantmaker's Gathering on Networks put on by the Monitor Institute and Grantmakers for Effective Organizations. It captures my work identity.

Highlights of the meeting are over at bethkanter.org, including a post from me. I got to enjoy the culmination of work that's been going on since 2009 with great colleagues. And due to a happy calendar accident last week I got to say farewell to my foundation Human Resources colleagues from all over the country at a meeting we hosted in Los Altos.

I am retiring from the best job ever November 2nd and I hear that I may encounter challenges in terms of identity and affinity. At the meeting today Eugene Eric Kim gave me the nudge I needed to share a bit about coming days and how I navigate after so many years of work fed identity and affinity.

Our nephew Sam returned from New Zealand this summer with this necklace saying that it is for new beginnings. It is my new talisman.