Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Getting Outside

One of the few clear objectives of leaving my workaday life is to spend more time outdoors. I've had three great hits of fresh air and sunshine. This morning I got up at 4:30 a.m. to precinct walk for Measure L which is renewal of critical finding for our schools in Pacifica. I teamed up with a long legged 16 year old to dash up neighbors' steps to hang a "vote!" reminder on the door knobs of those who have said they are going to vote "yes". When we started it was dark, cold, and starry. Owls hooted, dawn brought a clear morning and we finished our list of  houses by seven a.m.. I am exhilarated.

This weekend I went with the Middle Mountain Foundation to finally climbed the Buttes of Sutter County. I've driven by them for years. Our guide was a geology professor, our companions were young, adventurous and super fit. I was the last one up Kodachrome Hill, and I fell once and rolled a few times on the steep uneven down slope.  I was exhilarated. My muddy pants and a small bruise on my hand are badges of honor.

My friend Pat came down the coast with her dog Charlie and did our beach, quarry, and headlands walk. This 5k is small potatoes for her, and especially for Charlie who had boundless Brittany energy. That walk on day two of my vagabond phase launched me into the outdoors.

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