Thursday, October 11, 2012

Arizona Yoga One

I didn't get to do a class at True North Yoga in Kingman AZ, but I had a really nice experience there. When I arrived at the wonderful big old building, I found a gym downstairs-  music pounding, smiles, and endorphins flowing. I was directed up metal outdoor stairs and waited, taking in the blue sky.

It was fun checking out the neighborhood from up high and wondering "could I live here?" It's game I play a lot travelling.

Yoga was cancelled because the teacher had run a triathlon the previous day - something all her regulars knew of course. The woman who was helping me was very nice and was disappointed for me. I've figured out that her name is Anna Shuffler. Anna explained to me that she bought the building, previously an Odd Fellows Hall and is slowly fixing it up. She opened up the yoga studio just so I could see it.

Wonderful floor, light and windows.

 I was struck by her work to bring the past into a useful present  because we have been travelling along a lot of old Route 66. New Highway 40 bypassed the towns on Route 66 and they are mostly gone or going. And there is cool architecture and signs that could be preserved. I am so happy the Odd Fellows Hall in Kingman is getting another chance.

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