Monday, October 15, 2012

South Dakota Yoga

In Sioux Falls I got a chance to go The Dharma Room for a yoga basics class. 

Just finding the studio in a new town feels like an accomplishment. I was helped out by the fact that Sioux City is a pretty good grid with numbered streets. The little mall has two sets of doors. The extra doors and breezeway must be important in December when the mean temperature is 23 degrees.
I got a friendly reception from Jill Johnson who had us all introduce ourselves, a tradition I've missed in yoga classes.  Every move we made felt good after the drive from Topeka, Kansas. Our route touched Nebraska, Missouri, and Iowa. Classmates wished me nice trip out to the "hills". It was fun to pick up a bit of local vernacular as we head to Mount Rushmore. This is the nice sunset that greeted me as I left.

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