Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yoga Journey

Be quiet so I can listen
Be still so I can feel

I was so happy to find this courtyard in San Luis Obispo.  We are on a road trip and Smiling Dog Yoga was perfect for our first stop.

The studio had beautiful light and the teacher explained some yoga concepts, thoughtfully prepared -  complete with white board.

Yoga is my new enthusiasm. Yoga came into my life when a physician suggested it to M. as part of her rehab from a brain injury. I joined her at our local family gym in Pacifica. There are people who look like me in these classes. I even run into people I know. I loved the temporary replacement teacher who arrived in a bright multicolored beanie, announced that yoga is supposed to be fun, and went on to make it fun. It's a gym so these classes include the clanging of weight machines while we are getting centered. I want to giggle when this happens.

A friend in Truckee recommended a wonderful studio where I found Walter who twinkles with support. It's a pretty professional setting but still an encouraging place. The mountain crowd is fit. I am pretty sure most class members run triathlons between classes. What I like about Bill's classes are his explicit instructions, muscle by muscle. And he laughs.

In addition to the gym in Pacifica I've discovered a studio in town with Dawn's class where we get to chant. And I like to listen to and try to follow Ron's specific directions in stretch class.

All this yoga surprises me because I used to think that yoga was too achievement oriented for me.  I found it overly serious and intimidating.  I got grim satisfaction when I read in the NY Times magazine that yoga injuries were on the rise. In 2012 modifications for ability level are encouraged and humor is allowed. I'm hooked. 


  1. The blog is alive! :-) Love hearing what you've been up to. Hope you've been well!

    I had an ex-girlfriend who introduced me to yoga. She used to complain that I was doing it wrong, because I kept trying to "win" at it. And it was true! I thought that the whole point was to push yourself until you became super bendy. I finally got over that (I think), and while I don't practice that often, it feels great when I do!