Sunday, January 13, 2013

Love, Loss and things that are left behind

Our Mom took care of our Dad for many years. He was slowly debilitated by MS and then also by a brain injury. So it was a long hard haul.  

After he died she married her neighbor who loved the symphony and best of all loved international travel.  In their seventies and early eighties they went to interesting places like Sulawesi, Papua New Guinea, and with us—to  India and Bhutan.

Our “bonus Dad” showed up one day several years later with this prayer flag from Bhutan. He had carefully used twist-ties to affix it to a long bamboo pole.  He was a neurosurgeon and could twist a twist-tie like no one else. He used them to affix Christmas tree lights to the branches so they we invisible. That was another great thing about him. He loved Christmas.

The bamboo pole and the Lungta-Wind Horse flags have been tucked in our garage for ten years. Like so many people we are streamlining our lives, especially our possessions. The hardest things to part with are thoughtful gifts from departed loved ones.

Luckily prayer flags are meant to be flown.  They should blow in the wind to “to spread goodwill and compassion into all pervading space”. On a hopefully auspicious sunny and windy morning I plunged the pole into the snow and mounded snow all around it. It is on our south side where I hope to leave it until sun, wind, snow, and rain fade it to gray.

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