Thursday, July 30, 2015

Missions and Tacos Two

San Miguel Arcangel

On the way home from graduation we pulled off of 101 to find San Miguel Arcangel. It has a more rustic feel but has been lovingly restored.

We parked under the oak tress happy for the shade and discovered that someone at the mission has a sense of humor.

The candles and the Virgin of Guadalupe mosaic outside gave the sense of recent and regular visitors. I expected the missions to be dusty derelict ruins. After just two visits I am realizing that there must be communities and institutions dedicated to their restoration and historic value. And the two we have seen so far actually serve as parishes for people nearby.


We found her embedded into the wall outside.
The flowers around her in the church sing devotion

Cuesta College and community groups are part of  this mission's  life.

San Miguel's Museum's strength is creating a feel for Mission life.
Paper covered windows create a dim room

I read a lot as a kid. After I finished the blue covered biographies of early Americans like John and Abigail Adams I found a similar series about Catholic saints. Both sets spent more time on their subjects' childhoods and swept through their life accomplishments. I'm thinking about this as I try to explain why I love statues of saints. I especially love those painted with colors. Maybe it is because they are people, just a person with folds in their robes and expressions to puzzle over. The Padres brought their favorite saints with them.

My grandmother Stephanie Foley McA
 prayed to Saint Anthony to find lost items.

The dragon slaying St. Michael the Archangel

In the church there is this beautiful haunting statue of the Virgin Mary. It was carved in mission times, and looks like a Salinan woman.

The church is wonderful. The write up on the wall said the shell motif was meaningful to the Salinans.
St. Michael gets center stage

It says in honor of the Salinan people

The cemetery is well cared for.

The museum had a lot of Salinan artifacts from pre-mission days, but it also addressed Salinan issues and contributions up to contemporary times.

We headed to Soledad for lunch. I went for one chicken one beef.
I liked the simplicity and the lettuce. The chicken was grilled and then sliced, nice.

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