Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mission and Tacos Fourteen

Mission San Louis Rey de Francia

The flags are waving in the breezes of Oceanside. San Luis Rey is said to have been peaceful and thriving under its long term Padre Peyri.  Today is it large and unassuming. The chapel is pretty, my traveling companion's favorite so far.

Parishioners were praying

Being a Sunday night Wonderful World of Disney fan I loved this bit of Hollywood lore. The skull and crossbones at the cemetery gate were added by Disney for a Zorro episode.

Named for a French King Saint, in the
spirit of France - Spain relations by the
Viceroy. The King's mother was Spanish so that probably helped.

The sign said Brandy was made for trade. 

The ocean breezes inspired us to go for fish tacos and we scored. 
This place is delicious! We tried the grilled, then the breaded. When he realized we were sharing he brought them on two plates. Once again Yelpers steered us well.

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