Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mission Road Trip

How we Roll

San Diego is the last of our road trip Missions. We will continue to visit the last five close to home by October. I threw the idea for this trip out, and my very organized travelling companion went into action. Those of you have worked with her can imagine the detail we left town with, including printed directions to back up the GPS, and  Wikipedia articles about the Missions. 

 We traveled with a Sunset Magazine book published in 1979 from Pacifica's Sanchez Library. I had taken out other other beautiful books via the miracle of interlibrary loan. (from some better funded library). But they had to go back before we left. I'll get them again because if you've been reading you 

know I have a lot of questions. One is California Missions-History, Art and Preservation. The other is California Missions by Monsignor Francis Weber.  His book will be great to read as I contemplate the controversy about Canonizing Father Serra as a Saint in Washington. D.C September 23.

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