Sunday, August 9, 2015

Missions and Tacos Nine

Mission Santa Ines - named after Saint Agnes of Rome

California Tacos in Solvang is owned by the Uribe family. And I would guess their origins were from northern Mexico.These tacos were terrific but I was very surprised they were on a flour tortilla.  The tortillas were cooked perfectly, but I would still rather have corn. What made the tacos great was the addition of nicely sauteed green and red peppers, and just a little bit of sour cream.

The mission is a little over shadowed by the Danish charm and crowds of Solvang. I've never been before and was amazed by the busloads of international tourists. I enjoyed buying Danish Christmas ornaments as much as the next tourist.

The Mission is on one end of town, and you can see some of the Santa Ynez valley past the parking lot.

Haven't heard any bells yet

I am enjoying the "way back" Spanish Catholic interest in women. This Mission is one of three named for female saints. Here Saint Agnes is, with her usual lamb. This portrait of the our Lady of Guadalupe also shows the Indian she appeared to.
Sorry for the poor shot, it was
up really high

It really is a visual feast. 

There are two bits of history that caught my ear. A gentleman named John Chapman worked on building the mission. But earlier in his career he worked for the pirate Hyppolite Bouchard. And after secularization a rustler named Jack Powers took over the mission planning to steal cattle from a neighbor rancher. I think there are more Western movies to be made.

The Capuchin Franciscans are present at this Mission.  Some missions have no priest, one joked" we rent a priest". Some seems to by apple of the diocese eye and others seem to be thorn in their side.

I am confounded by how eclectic the Mission sites are. I guess it has been a lot of years and multiple restoration efforts. Additions that seem a little strange are after all at least of sign of life. A touching example is this grotto built by John Gebhard who "lived and worked in these gardens for 30 years". It houses Our Lady of Lourdes. She appeared to Bernadette Subirous. My maternal grandmother visited Lourdes and brought us the healing water. He built it after he saw the movie, "Song of Bernadette".

 There are sixteen hundred Chumash buried here.

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