Friday, August 7, 2015

Missions and Tacos Six

Soledad - La Misión de María Santísima, Nuestra Señora Dolorosísima de la Soledad

I loved this mission. It's in a beautiful spot in the Salinas Valley. Their site says they only get about 1,000 visitor a year which is puzzling because they are close to 101. Back in mission days it was out of the way, and had high turnover. It went to rubble, and restoration didn't start until the fifties.

I like how it is unadorned. The sole volunteer around came out and gave us a friendly, entertaining greeting. Someone should visit the missions and tell  the stories of the volunteers. Somehow they staff Soledad seven days a week. There's a fragrant lemon tree at the visitor's entry.  

They think this pomegranate design
may be like the original

Milagros pinned by parishioners
I lit a candle for the agricultural workers
in the valley. I don't believe but maybe it works
 it they do.

The Virgin Mary the Mission is named for
has seven sorrows  (let me know if you want the list)
 And she has center stage on the altar. 

Volunteers put on an annual bar-b-que that nets $300,000
for upkeep and restoration.

Dr. Ruben Mendoza from CSUMB brings to wkr at the site. . They found the Native American long houses. 

The grove of olive trees was started with a cutting from Misson La Purissima in Lompoc. They use the oil for sacraments.

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