Saturday, August 15, 2015

Missions and Tacos Sixteen

San  Diego de Alcala

It turns out that Diego is a nickname for Didacus. This Mission was burned down, rebuilt, destroyed in an earthquake, restored and enlarged and restored again. The local Kumeyaay never liked the settlers. Eight hundred attacked the mission killing the blacksmith Padre Jayme.

The word "attack" was scratched out on the museum sign, but there wasn't a suggestion for an alternate description. 

First Mission, farthest south

Each bell has a history

It is bright in the San Diego sun, surrounded by a neighborhood. If the big parking lot in the center courtyard is an indication, it is well used by its parishioners.

The church is a nice painted one.
I like these more than the gilt altars.

Our Lady of Guadalupe
 is a
bit off in the corner

This reminded me of  the churches in Chile,  bloody.

A chapel was  added in 1997 (why?) and it has an amazing altar and choir stalls from 1300's Spain. And the floor is from Our Lady of Guadalupe Basilica in Mexico. Maybe creating a home for these cool things is reason enough to build a chapel.

Choir stall detail
The sign from the archaeological dig said the unfortunately the          research and notes from the dig were not available. I asked in the    gift shop what happened to them. Sounds like it is something about a late professor's chicken scratch notes and the university.                

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