Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Missions and Tacos Thirteen

San Gabriel Archangel

In keeping with the theme that the Missions really feel distinct from one another, check out how Moorish and angular this architecture is. This is because the first Padre,  Antonio Cruz came from Cordova and had its Cathedral in mind.

San Gabriel may look like a fort from the outside but it is lovely and warm inside.

The museum is fun to wander around in, out of doors. I felt a sense of community participation. 
Signs of the cross

My shot does not do justice to this beautiful Archangel Michael. Archangels are "chief angels" There are variable and overlapping traditions but for Catholics Gabriel, Micheal and Raphael are always mentioned. I really wonder about religious strife as I discover that Archangels are included in the traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

They only ring these on Easter

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