Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Missions and Tacos Twelve

San Fernando Rey de Espana

Maybe it is Southern California culture shock.
San Fernando is a nicely spiffed up Mission, that is clearly successful... but I don't love it.  There is tons of green grass (drought?) that gives it a bit of a country club feel.  The poor people have this thing in their front yard.

The museum has pieces that knock me out like this holy water holder. But then there is this guy. He feels like he dropped over from Hollywood. 

They had the detailed information I've been wishing for in two little brochures they sell for 23 cents. Not only does it explain which saint we are looking at, but it tells the story of how it arrived here. It would be great if other Missions had a Msgr. Weber to delve into the past and share the what's been discovered.

The museum is well staged and with plenty of space they have captured everything cool that has happened at this mission. 

The Serra Chapel is pretty spectacular. And it is well used, with Mass daily. We entered when a funeral was over.

The Hollywood feel continues outside where Bob Hope and others in his family are buried in the Bob Hope Memorial Garden. 

I wonder how all this came about?

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