Friday, August 7, 2015

Missions no Tacos Five

Carmel- San Carol Borromeo de Carmelo

The Carmel Mission felt fancier than what we've seen so far . Tour buses out front were a surprise. We came down into Carmel from a peaceful camping perch on a hill and a day of hiking in the Carmel Valley. This Mission was headquarters so perhaps it was supposed to be more grand. IT si said to be a faithful restoration. And it is lovely in spots. They are a bit burdened by gifts, like a large cement-like sculpture in the garden from the government of Spain.

He is buried here, they've made sure it is him.

Junipero Serra died and is buried here next to his friend Father Crespi. (a name familiar to my Pacifica pals). He is buried in the Church , not in the Centograph sculpted by Jo Mora who wrote,  " I am girding my loins for the supreme professional effort in my life".

Now that I realize that most of the missions are restorations I've gotten curious about the movement and talent behind the restorations. Harry Downie keeps coming up. He was central to much of the work, and he is buried here. I have't found much about him on line, Off to out little Sanchez library when we get home.

Scroll further for things that caught my eye.

Father Serra's home
A beautiful detial
Why two?

I love the chapel painting motifs
Father Serra's reliquary

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